Risk Stratification

In order to succeed in value-based contracting, your provider group must identify the highest risk patients that have the potential to impact your quality and financial performance.  It is imperative to have such visibility at the beginning of a program year, while there is still time to intervene and avoid unpleasant surprises in outcomes late into the year.  EagleDream Health’s solution employs the state-of-the-art in risk stratification tools to enable you to do so.

It all begins with determining and understanding your baseline performance on the quality metrics that will be included in the payer contract.  It is critical to have clear visibility to your baseline performance on the metrics in order to empower you to negotiate achievable quality targets in the value-based payment contract.  EagleDream Health’s best-of-breed analytics, population health, and care management tools will enable you to establish this baseline, and moreover to identify and trend hot spots of resource utilization (e.g. E.D. usage, admissions, readmissions, etc.) in targeted contract populations and drive timely interventions to ensure successful financial performance on the contracts.

EagleDream Health predictive analytics facilitate the allocation of care management resources and the precise targeting of the highest risk patients in your population.  Once these patients have been identified, the powerful risk stratification algorithms enable the accurate assigning of appropriate care team resource interventions (e.g. pharmacist, geriatric nurse, care manager, PT, etc.) to the right patients at the right time.