Resource Utilization

EagleDream Health provides a powerful, fundamental tool to report and trend care resource utilization (RU) results by patient populations, including those populations in financial risk-bearing contracts where RU results affect revenue.  Intuitive dashboards and graphs enable authorized leaders and physicians to view RU results from the broadest population levels directly down to practice group and individual physician levels, including patient details where appropriate.  The tool allows RU goals to be assigned and performance against goals to be dynamically displayed at multiple organizational levels.   Patient risk adjusted results may be switched on via a simple toggle button.   Dollar costs are also displayed, trended and estimated for available RU metrics. Hospital Admissions, Readmissions, Inpatient Days, Scripts, Dispense Rates, Imaging, Office Visits, and Urgent Care are examples of RU metric domains.  EagleDream Health provides a library of RU metrics at implementation, and customizes to your requirements.