Jolanda Chesonis
Chief Operating Officer

Jolanda is a seasoned executive with more than 15+ years’ experience serving in senior executive leadership positions within a broad range of organizations and possesses a distinctively diverse set of executive skills.

As one of the founders and vice presidents of PAETEC, a Rochester, NY based communications company, from 1999 to 2008, Jolanda had operational oversight for numerous functional areas developing operational infrastructure, systems, and processes in human resources, communications, training, facilities and acquisition integration, assisting in its growth from a start up to a Fortune 1000 company.

As PAETEC’s senior human resources executive, Jolanda designed, developed, and implemented all human resources strategies and plans including benefits and compensation, workplace wellness programs, talent acquisition and retention, performance management and information systems for over 3,000 employees. Since 2008, Ms. Chesonis has served as an independent consultant.

Prior to PAETEC, Jolanda held other senior operations positions and possesses additional experience in establishing and developing a research foundation.

Jolanda received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Marymount College. She received a Masters degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University.