Greg Weidner, MD, FACP
Advisory Board Member

Dr. Greg Weidner is a proven and committed physician, healthcare transformation strategist, leader and change agent.  Dr. Weidner is an Internist and the Medical Director for Primary Care Innovation and Proactive Health at Carolinas Healthcare System in Charlotte, NC.  He provides the vision and leadership to the redesign of ambulatory care delivery by leveraging existing and emerging technologies and service delivery models.  The goal is to extend and enhance the relationship of people with their health and their healthcare team and build models which realize this vision through the deployment of mobile applications, self-tracking, online social networks, virtual care, health coaching and partnership with patients in design.

The Proactive Health practice provides a live, prototyping innovation environment to introduce these innovations in a real-world clinical setting.  The Center for Proactive Health and Design is a co-located Design Lab that enables agile and iterative development of new technologies, processes, staffing approaches and care models.

Dr. Weidner also serves as the Chair of the eHealth Patient Portal team at Carolinas Healthcare.  Prior to these roles, Dr. Weidner served as the Medical Director for Ambulatory Informatics at Carolinas Healthcare for nine years as well as Chair of the Practice Innovation Council for three years.

Since September of 2014, Dr. Weidner has also served as the Medical Director for the Siskey Family YMCA, providing medical leadership and support for YMCA-based community health and medical programs.

Dr. Weidner received his Bachelor’s degree in English from Cornell University and his Medical Degree from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry.