Gainsharing and Risk Contracting

Value-based Contracting

EagleDream Health supports providers through the design, negotiation and implementation of value-based payment arrangements. The success of such programs hangs on elements such as the selection of appropriate metrics, the methodology for valuation of performance, the design of the patient attribution model and effective risk adjustment.  Our experts have extensive experience in each of these elements and can help you set yourself up for success from the beginning rather than crossing your fingers and hoping for a good outcome.

Risk-bearing Contracting

Taking risk offers a tremendous opportunity to benefit from efficient care delivery, but it is only an opportunity to the extent that you are enabled to manage that risk.  Whether you are an IPA accepting insurance risk for an insured population or a health system working with a self-funded employer, our experts can help you negotiate terms that align with your strengths and protect you from liabilities outside of your control.