The Essentials of Population Health: Ten Things You Need to Know – #9

What should a physician practice look for when selecting a population health system?
While it is beyond the scope of this document to consider all the myriad features of a population health
system, at the high level, here are some guiding principles that assist in the selection process:

Ability to meet use cases: this requires that you prepare the use cases in advance (as suggested above)

Ease of use for non-technical staff: the day to day users of population health systems from admins
to care managers, APPs, and providers—to be practical, the PHM platform must be easily learned
and intuitive for all.

Workflow features and EHR integration: even systems with a friendly user interface and experience will
not succeed if the workflow features are cumbersome and disconnected from the practice’s EHR. Look
for sophisticated population insights integrated seamlessly at the point of care in the EHR chart workflows.

Implementation and support requirements:
Reasonable implementation times and minimizing the
need to devote excessive internal resources to the project.

Vendor support and agility:
healthcare is in a period of transition, in which practices will likely be
confronted with new and challenging population health requirements; your vendor needs to be agile
and innovative enough to successfully support you

This blog comes from a white paper published by EHR Integration Services and EagleDream Health.
Click here to read the white paper in its entirety, or visit our blog regularly to read all Top Ten
Essentials of Population Health.

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