The Essentials of Population Health: Ten Things You Need to Know – #8

What are some key factors for a successful population health project?
Before any technology project is initiated, it is worth a moment to consider what’s required to make it
successful. For a PHM platform deployment, here are some of the key factors for success:

Practice Leadership; an active population health project directly impacts your providers across a
spectrum that ranges from organizational focus on closing gaps in care, to potentially examining
practice pattern variations between individuals. Regardless of the nature of the deployment, a
successful project requires the sponsorship of the practice leaders.

Defined use cases; this refers to the way the practice intends to use the tool. These may be
contractually driven by the payers, or based on specific internal initiatives. As you begin the internal
dialogue about how you want your system to work, you can have much more meaningful discussions
with vendors during the selection process. You will then be well-positioned to quickly realize value
after implementation.

Focus on Workflow; particularly for clinical-oriented projects, practices need to consider how
population health will be incorporated into daily workflow both from a point of care and case
management perspective. In this respect, understanding the integration between a population
health system and the EHR is critical.

Adopting a data driven approach to practice workflows, quality improvement and clinical care
management; This change takes time, often much longer than it takes to merely implement the
PHM platform. Set realistic expectations throughout the organization.

Aligning organizational incentives to support practice transformation and the adoption of the  
new technology and workflows; Incorporating innovative value-based components in staff and
provider compensation plans supports adoption of the new desired practice models.

This blog comes from a white paper published by EHR Integration Services and EagleDream Health.
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Essentials of Population Health.

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