The Essentials of Population Health: Ten Things You Need to Know – #5

Can population health be integrated into daily workflow, or will it slow down a busy staff?
Effective PHM platforms actually enhance care team workflows by increasing team effciency, shifting tasks
away from the point of care to the pre-visit period by supporting streamlined pre-visit planning. For those
tasks or gaps in care that the care team is unable to close prior to the patient’s visit, the PHM platform’s
point of care tools integrated into the EHR patient chart provide easy ways to close the gaps while rooming
the patient or during the visit itself.

Fed by the integrated PHM platform’s analytics engine and data warehouse, the patient chart reflects—
in real time—gaps in care for the patient, alerting the team of tasks that need attention. Simplified workflows
allow entering the information that closes the appropriate gaps, and documentation in both the PHM
platform and the EHR occur automatically in real time

This blog comes from a white paper published by EHR Integration Services and EagleDream Health.
Click here to read the white paper in its entirety, or visit our blog regularly to read all Top Ten
Essentials of Population Health.

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