MedEngage Physician Engagement consulting services are renown, and directly address methods and tools for changing physician behaviors.  These services include:

  • Action Program Development –  Based on years of success, a structured approach to change management based on drivers of unwarranted variation in care; helps physicians answer the fundamental question: “what do you want me to do differently?”; comprehends program elements such as use of data, training, communication methods, and results measurement
  • Training – Delivery of tools and knowledge for successful physician engagement; “train the trainer” approach; includes on-site workshops
  • Coaching – Short-burst, remote, ongoing advisory services for physician leaders and outreach staff
  • Best Practice Sharing – As appropriate, sharing of best client experiences related to the use of data, choice of conditions and specialties for action programs, deployment of innovative techniques to engage physicians, ways to measure results, and getting return of investment
  • Assessment – Identifying and addressing the current state of physician reporting and engagement, identifying challenges and areas for improvement.

EagleDream Health also offers physician leaders expert advice in payer negotiations and incentive contract management.    We help clients acquire the proper data to take on financial risk, relevant to private or public accountable care arrangements, bundled payments, and other incentive contracts.

EagleDream Health also offers valuable technical programming services for analytics and database design as a natural ancillary service to our core services.