Claims Data Analysis and Reporting

EagleDream Health’s analysts and clinical leaders have decades of data and clinical expertise that drive wise use of claims for reporting results and driving change.  We understand the power, limitations and intricacies of claims data, and the appropriate ways to report claims-based results to providers, organizational leaders, and the public.

Where necessary, we use powerful 3rd party tools for episode grouping, and risk assessment, to gather important insights.  We offer a choice of patient-provider attribution methodologies.   Our analysis and reporting capabilities with claims are abundantly present in EagleDream Health’s software and we continuously add functionality in software.

For clients with custom needs, we offer claims-based reporting on measures and outcomes related to Quality, Utilization, Efficiency, Cost, Risk and Value.   As an example, EagleDream Health provides custom reporting services across a mix of measures under a four-year CMMI innovation grant for over 70 practice groups on the march to Patient Centered Medical Home certification.