All Payer Claims Database

Many regional and state-wide health care collaborative organizations have access to “all payer” claims databases (APCD), as directed by law or agreements among stakeholders.   EagleDream Health helps collaboratives securely extract, ingest, standardize, enrich, and manage large sections of the APCD required for high impact analysis programs aimed at provider and/or patient change management.    EagleDream Health can build all or multi-payer claims database from the ground up if one does not yet exist.   Practice Pattern Variation Analysis (PPVA) is a EagleDream Health tool primed for use with APCDs.  Clinical databases may be integrated with APCDs to marry claims data (i.e., cost and utilization) with clinical data featuring outcomes.  APCD implementations take maximum advantage of EagleDream Health’s use of HIPAA compliant, private cloud environments.